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Yazd Water Museum ( Kolahdouzhas’ house)
This house is allocated to Water Museum and is one of the most unique residential houses of Qajar era. It is located in Amirchaghmagh square and is known as “Kolahdouzhas’ house”. In 1888, this building was established by Haji Seyyed Ali Akbar Kolahdouz’s order who was a famous trader.

Yazd water Purification Lake
It is a lake with wide 600m surrounded by dunes located in 5km away from northwest of Yazd city.

The Pilgrimage site of Chak-Chak
The Pilgrimage sit of Chak-Chak is situated in the northwest of the city of Yazd. It is perched on the mountainside ledge named a like in vicinity of Ardakan, being respected by Iranian Zoroastrians and their co-religionists residing abroad. Zoroastrians name it “Pir-e sabz” , too since it is believed Hayat Banoo, daughter of Yazdgerd lll, took refuge in the mountain, vanishing info the rift.

A drove of grazing camels in deserts outside of Yazd. (Chah- Naser area)

Black tailed toad agama

Phrynocephalus maculates(Agamidae family)

Bafgh desert,  Ariz-DaraAnjir area


Pire Naraki
According to Zoroastrians belief, Nazbanou or Zarbanou daughter of Third Yazdgerd has been disappeared wonderfully in this place, next a clairvoyant nomad dreamed the mentioned princess and she required him to establish Naraki shrine.

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